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Nepal, a mysterious Himalayan country, has been fertile land for the initiation and flourishment of Buddhism as well as Hindu religious practices. Shakyamuni Gautama the Buddha was born here and also it is the gateway of Buddhism to the north; Tibet, China and other Northern Asian countries. Along with its religious and cultural richness, it also possesses a wide variety of art; spiritual paintings, statues and many more. Nepal has been one of the most eminent places for Buddhist sculpture art and spiritual painting 'Thanka’s', which were spread to Tibet and other countries.

Thanka's is the expression of Buddhist religious practices in pictorial form.
It is believed that the art was initiated in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal, but later on it was spread and flourished in Tibet and China as well. Thanka's are excellent pieces of Tibetan / Nepalese art works. Thanka is painted on silk or cotten fabrics, using bright colours of many hues. Thanka's are used as wall decorations. It is an object of devotion, an aid to spiritual practice, and a bringer of blessings. While regarded by some as colourful wall hangings, to Buddhists these Tibetan relegious paintings offer a beauty, believed to be a manifestation of the divine, and are thus visually stimulating.

Thanka’s come in a huge variety of styles, depicting various subjects. Colourful Thanka paintings generally represent Buddhist and Hindu Gods, Goddesses, meditating Buddha and his life cycle, Wheel of Life, Mandala, Bhairab, Exotic pictures, etc.. A Thanka can help a meditator to learn and emulate the qualities of a particular deity, or to visualize his or her path towards enlightenment. Thanka can bring blessings on the household and serves as a constant reminder of the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, kindness and wisdom. Thanka of particular deities may be used for protection or to overcome difficulties such as sickness.

Metal/Gold plated statues
Nepal, specially Kathmandu valley has been the centre of the excellent art; making fine gold and silver plated statues. Various complex Buddhist, as well as Hindu divine characteristics are reflected on metal statue forms that look embarrassing. These statues are made by hand and  whole process takes a lot of days and several people have to work. This unique product as per the designs and workmanship is divided in 3 categories : Exclusive, Full Gold Plated and Partial Gold Plated. Various Buddhist as well as Hindu god/goddesses are reflected on these statue forms with specific characters.
The most common examples are Buddha with several positions, other buddhist deities, Hindu God/Goddesses and features.



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Yantra's & Mandala's


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Rituele items


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