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Metal/Gold plated statues
Nepal, specially Kathmandu valley has been the centre of the excellent art; making fine gold and silver plated statues. Various complex Buddhist, as well as Hindu divine characteristics are reflected on metal statue forms that look embarrassing. These statues are made by hand and  whole process takes a lot of days and several people have to work. This unique product as per the designs and workmanship is divided in 3 categories : Exclusive, Full Gold Plated and Partial Gold Plated. Various Buddhist as well as Hindu god/goddesses are reflected on these statue forms with specific characters.
The most common examples are Buddha with several positions, other buddhist deities, Hindu God/Goddesses and features.





(verkrijgbaar in koper, zilver en goudbeschilderd) 



Boeddha front                             Boeddha back


  Yabyum front                              Yabyum side 


    Rimpoche                                  Green Tara   


Bajra Yogini                                   Manjusri   



   White Tara                                          Yogini  

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